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Bells University of Technology Library hosts a total collection of physical books and over one million ebooks via subscriptions. These books can be accessed physically by students, staff and registered patrons by visiting the library. However, students and staff require login credentials to access the virtual library which is available 24/7. A non-web based book management system is also available offline at the University Library and via campus intranet and can be accessed from hostels and offices.

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A number of reputable Academic books have been published by Staff of Bells University of Technology. Including:

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The University Library hosts a total collection of 12, 937 titles in 62, 985 volumes, available for use and can be accessed from the library.


Issue In Progress


1. Sediment dwelling arthropods of a weak-tidal tropical Lagoon.**** Roland E. Uwadiae        *** PDF Version ***        


2. Combination studies of black pepper and marketed brands of ciprofloxacin on human pathogenic organisms.**** Ajose, D.J., Adeniyi, B.A. and Adetoyinbo , I.I        *** Pdf Version ***        

3. Biochemical characteristics of sediment and benthic macrofauna community of organic waste dumpsites. ****Roland E. Uwadiae, and Anthonia E. Gbuvoro       *** pdf Version ***        


4. Statistical assessment of the impact of corruption on Nigeria’s socio-economic development.****       *** pdf Version ***        


5. Statistical analysis of the socio-economic impact of ebola outbreak in selected West African countries.pdf.  Oyewole O., Obadina G.O.,Oyewole A.A. and Adekola L.O****       *** pdf Version ***        


6. Evaluating the Compliance of Nigerian real estate professionals to International Financial Reporting Standards.pdf   Chibuike R. Emele and Abiodun B. Jogunola****       *** pdf Version ***        


7. Critical control points in the fermentation of oso (fermented seeds of Cathormion altissimum).pdf   .Jolaoso A.A. and Popoola T.O.S ****       *** pdf Version ***        


8. Bacteriological status and proximate composition of croaker from retail outlets in Makoko environs in Lagos State Nigeria.pdf .   Amusan E.E., Oluwagunke T. O. and Akhiromen D. I ****       *** pdf Version ***        


9. Biochemical Responses and Heavy Metal Accumulation in Macrobrachium vollenhovenii in Epe axis of Lekki Lagoon.pdf..........Akhiromen DI and Ogbonne FC ****       *** pdf Version ***        


10. Impact of litigation on construction claims management in Lagos State Nigeria.pdf......Adesoye Morakinyo ****       *** pdf Version ***        


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